For some months now, my group and I have been working on a digital object that can collect data useful for us, as self-reliant members, our groups, and the movement.  I will call this ‘object’ the OMEGA watch.

What can the OMEGA watch do for me and my self-reliant group?  I need it to promote our products and help us make our enterprises sustainable.

I am talented, I think.  I can design and make a product that is worth investing in and is sustainable.  I am gradually becoming a Climate change worrier.  As human beings we have used alarmingly every possible resource that we have under this beautiful Planet.  I up-cycle and repurpose waste.  I see it as a resource.  I give the beautiful planet that we live in the time to TAKE A BREATH and make it beautiful for the next generation.

When I have made something that is unique or sellable, I feel empowered as a woman.  When somebody has bought my handmade product, I feel valued as a woman and as a wife.  Then I can save a fraction of the money that I have earned for difficult times.

My group and I are not making this OMEGA watch just for us, to sort out our mental health or any other matter in our family lives.  We want a product that will benefit and work for the SRG members in the future, and beyond our movement, to include other groups of people who could use their data to realise their potential.

I can see how if the OMEGA watch works and can help us learn how to make our enterprises work, then a percentage from selling our products could go to employing all the teenagers or young children of the members as apprentices.  In this way, we are thinking about young lives and mental wellbeing.  And we create a context for them to become who they want to be, just as their parents have.

I can also see the value of the object beyond our movement, for society.  Being in the SRG should be an educational journey too.  For example, if you have dropped out of school and did not find higher education interesting or had children at a very young age.  You should have an opportunity to learn whatever you want to and be whomever you want to be.  The SRG should speak to colleges, universities and explain to them that if any of their members are interested will a placement be offered for them.

Teruko from GMT Self-Reliant Group